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Take Your Investments Higher!

When it comes to your real estate, do you wish you had better forecasting andbudgeting abilities?

Successful real estate investors know they must leverage three key financial areas: debt service (mortgage), cash flow (net income) and equity (paid assets). The Real Estate Skinny is 35,000 lines of computer code dedicated to helping you profit from your real estate portfolio by managing all three areas.  Whether you are buying, selling or landlording, do it competitively and profitably with The Real Estate Skinny.

The Real Estate Skinny is the only product in this price range that delivers full balanced coverage of these key financal areas. We say it is the best value in Real Estate financial modeling software available today. These are the same tools large property companies use to squeeze a profit from every real estate transaction but without the complicated learning curve.  Unlike hand held financial calculators, there is no special language to learn and the results are much more informative than one line!  Now is the perfect time to get these tools and get ahead. 

The Real Estate Skinny is a great way to "run the numbers" for a potential investment.  As you know, many lenders require this type of information while arranging financing.  The Real Estate Skinny is helpful for any investor who needs to work with a new lender.

This is not canned strategy software.  The Real Estate Skinny's modular construction has the flexibility to run the tools that are right for your situation. 

Join the thousands who have downloaded our free evaluation software and see for yourself.  Get the skinny on your next real estate deal.  Get the The Real Estate Skinny.

Before Purchasing Your Property:

Generate over 180 financial statistics per property.  The Real Estate Skinny is helpful for any investor who needs to quickly discover their profit potential.

Much more than a mortgage calculator.  Easily run comparisons and "what if" scenarios.

After Purchasing Your Property:

Study the impact of vacancies, appreciation, taxes and repairs as well as debt service on your expected cash flow.

Manage your property's income and expenses to achieve your return on investment goals months or even years earlier.

Powerful cash flow analysis options include stepped, variable, dollar amount and rate of change.

A Flexible, Powerful Tool to Grow with:

Uses industry standard valuation techniques and current US IRS tax code for residential rental property.

Easy to get started.  Just fill in the blanks and click 'Results'  Helpful tips and a glossary are available on every screen.

Capable of storing thousands of properties in an organized database format. Navigation keys allow you to locate properties quickly in the system.  Sort properties by any column on the main screen.

Flexible.  Enter just the information needed for a specific result or build a complete financial profile.

Save countless hours hunting for various calculators, spreadsheets, etc.

This is a complete solution - no subscription is needed and there is nothing else to buy.


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Investor Tools v2.2

Property  Information

Mortgage Amortization

Mortgage Balances

Mortgage Payments and Terms

Wrap Around Mortgage

Net Operating Income

Compound Interest

Resale Analysis

Rates of Return

Stepped Cash Flow Analysis

Variable Cash Flow Analysis

Appreciation /  Depreciation

Basic Capitalization Rate

Ellwood Analysis

Ellwood Graphs

Sensitivity Analysis

Land Residual Technique

After Tax Cash and Equity

After Tax Cash Flow

∙ Pro Forma Projection

Property List Report

Financial Profile Builder